Texas Partners team

This is the Texas Partner’s team members.

Texas Partners of the Americas (TPOA) is one of the first chapters of the national organization, Partners of the Americas (POA). In 1964 Partners of the Americas was founded as a people-to-people component of the Alliance for Progress. Jim Boren, a foreign service officer is credited for the idea behind Partners. While stationed in Peru he outreached to groups in Texas, his home state to help raise funds for small projects.

The addition the Peruvian community would reciprocate in some way, making this endeavor a partnership. Boren’s work with Texas and Peru set the foundation for today’s TPOA mission. TPOA is an organization of people helping people. Our greatest resource is our volunteers who have a passion for services. With over five decades of service, TPOA has connected Texas volunteers with communities in Mexico and Peru.