Texas Partners team

Texas Partners of the Americas (TPOA) is one of the pioneering subdivisions of the national organization, Partners of the Americas (POA). Jim Boren, a foreign service officer, envisioned Partners as a people-to-people program in the year 1964 under the auspices of the Alliance for Progress.

While working in Peru, Boren reached out to his home state of Texas to help with fundraising for small-scale projects. In return, the Peruvian community reciprocated in some manner, resulting in an equitable partnership. The groundwork established by Boren’s collaborative efforts between Texas and Peru serves as the current TPOA’s mission – an organization run by the people and for the people. Our invaluable volunteers are the driving force behind TPOA’s success, who embody the true spirit of service. With 50 years of service and counting, TPOA has fostered meaningful connections between Texans and communities in Mexico and Peru.