Welcome from President

Partners Conference, Guadalajara, Jalisco circa 2016


Dear Friends,

As the President of Texas Partners of the Americas (TPOA), I extend my heartfelt invitation to you to join us in empowering LatinX communities across the Americas. Our organization has been relentlessly working towards this mission for several decades now. Our first Strategic Plan, developed in 2014 with support from Accenture, Cuso International, and USAID, created a roadmap for growth and advancement throughout the Americas, and we have since identified many opportunities for TPOA to make a meaningful impact. As we transition to our 2023-2025 strategic planning, our goal is to replicate successful projects, transcend chapter boundaries, and become a driving force for change.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clearer than ever before that the people of the Americas need our help, and we, as an organization, must evolve and adapt to meet their ever-growing needs. However, we cannot succeed alone. TPOA’s success has always been a collaborative effort, and I humbly acknowledge the role that members and volunteers have played in shaping our work over the years. Their unreserved support has helped us come this far, and we need to continue working together to inspire and motivate others.

As the oldest Partners of the Americas chapter, we take pride in our communication and coordination within the network. As we celebrate TPOA’s 59th Anniversary, I call upon us all to recommit ourselves to becoming the strongest chapter of Partners. With the words of my mother, “Excellence is not a choice. It is a commitment,” echoing in my ears, I am passionately dedicated to TPOA, our members, our future, and our legacy.

With your unwavering support, we will continue to serve the people of the Americas every day and help to ensure a brighter future for tomorrow.


IIliana Q. Diaz

President, Texas Partners of the Americas