Welcome from President

Partners Conference, Guadalajara, Jalisco circa 2016


As the President of Texas Partners of the Americas (TPOA), I would like to invite you to join to help empower latinX communities across the Americas.  In the decades we have moved our mission forward working on the first Strategic Plan we created in  2014  with support from Accenture, Cuso International, and USAID, our Diasporas for Development (DfD) Initiative partners. This plan earmarked for 2014-2017 identified opportunities for TPOA to support growth and advancement throughout the Americas. As we move forward to 2022-2025 strategic planning we would like to transcend chapter and replicate  successful projects all over the Americas. 

Now challenged with the global pandemic, more than ever, the people across the Americas need our help, and TPOA will continue to evolve as an organization to meet their needs. The success of our mission would not be possible without your support. Over the years, our members and volunteers have played an integral part in shaping our work, and it is important for us to recognize that our success would not be possible without you.

As the oldest Partners of the Americas chapter, we must continue to communicate and coordinate with our network. As we celebrate TPOA’s 58th Anniversary, we will recommit to becoming the strongest chapter of Partners, inspiring and motivating other chapters to create change, by supporting our members to ensure that our efforts are realized.

In the words so eloquently spoken by my mother, “Excellence is not a choice. It is a commitment.” As a TPOA member and current President, I am passionately committed to TPOA, our members, our future, and our legacy, which we will pass onto future generations.

With your support, we can continue to serve the people of the Americas every day and help to ensure a brighter future for tomorrow.

Thank you,

Iliana Q. Diaz