“Bomberos de las Americas” training- Santa Cruz, Bolivia, November 2021

Congratulations to all of the Partners of the Americas’ Chapters, the participating volunteer Bolivian fire fighters, and institutions who made “Firefighters of the Americas” project a reality. A laborious project carried out to great success that will provide a better future for Bolivian communities.

This week marks the beginning of the collaborative program in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The first phase of the workshop begins with Forest Fires and Hazardous Materials. The instructors for this specialized training are Julio Martínez, Javier Saucedo, Alfonso Ruiz, and Carlos Padilla from Mexico. The next workshops will continue with Managing COVID in Emergencies and Safety of Fire Personnel in Traffic Accidents.
The second stop will be in the city of Cochabamba on November 11-15. Concluding the training in La Paz on November15-20.
Stay tuned for highlights from Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Special Thanks to the support of the GAD of Santa Cruz, FAN, FUNDASOL, GAM of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bomberos Quebracho, UUBR, Rescate Urbano, Jenecherú and SABSA.