“Bomberos de las Americas” training-La Paz Bolivia, November 2021

The third and last phase of the “Bomberos de las Americas” training is wrapped up in the city of La Paz,
Bolivia. In total150 trainees across the three cities: Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, and La Paz participated in three workshops:

Fires and Hazardous Material, Managing COVID in Emergencies and Safety of Fire Personnel in Traffic Accidents

Special thanks to Mexican instructors: Julio Martínez, Javier Saucedo, Alfonso Ruiz, and Carlos Padilla for their
contribution to this specialized training.  We are grateful for the support of the Bolivian Chapters in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, and La Paz for all their help in organizing the local accommodations for this special
training.  Also a very special thanks to North Carolina Chapter for helping Texas Partners in funding this amazing project.  Thanks to all the volunteers,  community organizations and private donors that made this
training a huge success.