What We Do

Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Increase TPOA’s Organizational Effectiveness


1. Revise and strengthen executive leadership

2. Revise and strengthen Board of Directors

3. Build highly engaged and skilled volunteer pool


Goal 2 Improve TPOA’s Financial Health:


1. Increase TPOA’s funding

2. Institute budget management practices

3. Establish strategic partnerships to promote services, and gifts-in-kind


Goal 3: Raise Awareness of TPOA:


1. Strengthen relationship with Partners of the Americas

2. Conduct awareness-raising campaign


Goal 4: Develop Underprivileged Communities in Peru & Mexico:


1. Complete ongoing infrastructure projects in Viña Vieja

2. Transition to providing training & support to compliment completed infrastructure projects

3. Develop TPOA’s work in Viña Vieja into a replicable approach to serve underprivileged


4. Perform service work in 1-2 Peruvian and/or Mexican communities

5. Establish the Community College model in Peru


Goal 5: Connect the US Diaspora with Peru/Mexico via Cultural, Political & Educational



1. Revise and strengthen cultural programming

2. Serve as a liaison between the political community and the Peruvian and Mexican


3. Support and expand educational initiatives between the US and Peru/Mexico