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Mission & Vision

We envision having all of the American continent effectively vaccinated against the Coronavirus 19 within the next three to five years.

The mission of this transitional and temporary endeavor is within the scope of Partners of the Americas service and intentionally developed specifically for this time of the Coronavirus 19 pandemic. The aim is to unify chapters of our organization in the United States into one effort to ensure that once developed, the vaccine against this malady is shared efficiently with each country in Latin America. The secondary gain is that although we are restricted by the nature of the pandemic for the next two to five years, we will still be actively engaged in seeking to reach out to our colleagues in Latin America, in a citizen to citizen united effort to survive and transcend this threat within the next five years. 

 The aim is to first share the vaccine and to also share the science and the technology along with the equipment and the ingredients with each country in Latin America so each one can become self-sufficient in developing more and then intentionally making sure it reaches the rural and remote areas of each country to the most marginalized citizens.

 The measure of success is the level of self-sufficiency established in each country to produce the vaccine and to disseminate widely to effectively inoculate the population at large with focus of inclusion of the marginalized and the poor.