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Pintar con un Chapuzón: Explorando Tu Lado Creativo/Painting with a Splash: Exploring Your Creative Side was to topic for the February 27th Digital Exchange session. Student had fun exploring their creative side. So many artist!


Volunteerism & Social Responsibilty: Community Clean Up and Recycling/ Voluntariado y Responsabilidad Social: La Limpieza y el Reciclaje de la Comunidad was the topic for February 20th digital exchange session. Student were given a challenge of creatively up-cycling recycle items into a scarecrow.

Ambassador of the United States to Peru Lisa Kenna visits Viña Vieja

February 10, 2022- the U.S. Ambassador Lisa Kenna visited Viña Vieja as a part of the Public Affairs Service (PAS) review of the ongoing "Mujeres Hacia el Empoderamentom Equidad para Todos" program. The Ambassador learned about the accomplishment the adult and youth groups and visited the newly constructed community center. She also visited the restaurant "El Mirador", the mini market "El Mercadito" and the pig pen "Los Chanchitos Curiosos'. In addition the community celebrated Black History Month with a tribute to AfroPeruvian culture.

Transcending Chapters: Digital Exchange

Sunday, February 6 the youth from Viña Vieja participated in the first session of the digital exchange. Due to school closure in San Antonio because of a winter storm, the Texas participants were not present for the first session. The them was Mes de la Historia de la Cultura Africana y de los Afrodescendients/Black History Month. The students made posters and held a march inspired by their visit to the former slave plantation “CASA HACIENDA SAN JOSÉ”, now a museum.

Transcending Cultures: A Digital Youth Exchange

Texas Partners of the Americas (TPOA) in partnership with the U.S. State Department is excited to announce a new initiative, “Transcending Cultures: A Digital Youth Exchange Program.” This digital youth exchange program is a virtual experience designed to connect middle and high school students from the U.S. with peer students from Viña Vieja, Peru.  TPOA is hosting this exchange to build intercultural ties between marginalized communities. Viña Vieja is located in the township of El Carmen in the state of Chincha which has a  strong Afro-LatinX heritage. In this program we’re seeking to amplify and unite Black voices from ...

Mujeres hacia el empoderamiento, Equidad para todos-Business Plan Workshop

Texas Partners is hosting a variety of community workshops thanks to the support of Partners of the Americas and a grant from the U.S. Department of State. In Decembers participants participated in a workshop on how to develop a business plan.

Viña Vieja Youth-Community Wellness Presentations

Mujeres hacia el empoderamiento, Equidad para todos-Community campaign to promote best practice in the care of the environment, mental health and the prevention of COVID 19, carried out on Sunday, December 5, by young people in Viña Vieja in the province of Chincha, under the auspices of the Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the US Embassy, and with the support  of Partners of the Americas,  Texas Peru Chapter.

Viña Vieja Youth-Community Library Project

Mujeres hacia el empoderamiento, Equidad para todos-Viña Vieja, the youth participating in this program completed a much inventory of books in the school library. Great job, being leaders!

Bicycles for Peru Campaign

Texas Partners held a Bicycles for Peru Champaign during the holiday season to raise $1,500 to by mountain bikes for the youth in Viña Vieja. The campaign was successful.  Enough funds were raised to buy 17 bikes and the kids were very grateful.  Special thanks to Alisha Elmore, Carol Fimmen, Catherine Healy, Nina Trevino, and Star Engineering Group, Inc for making this fundraiser successful.   Youth in Viña Vieja receive their new bikes!

“Bomberos de las Americas” training-La Paz Bolivia, November 2021

The third and last phase of the "Bomberos de las Americas" training is wrapped up in the city of La Paz,Bolivia. In total150 trainees across the three cities: Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, and La Paz participated in three workshops: ForestFires and Hazardous Material, Managing COVID in Emergencies and Safety of Fire Personnel in Traffic Accidents.  Special thanks to Mexican instructors: Julio Martínez, Javier Saucedo, Alfonso Ruiz, and Carlos Padilla for theircontribution to this specialized training.  We are grateful for the support of the Bolivian Chapters in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, and La Paz for all their help in organizing the local accommo...